Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey all!

Just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy 2014. I hope it's full of blessings and great books to read. 

I think my year will be busy, since I'll be working to get my guest house off the ground. Added to that, I've set the most ambitious year-goals to date, and to make those goals a reality, I'm going to be doing a ton of writing and editing. 

I'll be back in January to tell you more about the War of Six Crowns series, though. I figure most of you are taking a break from reading blogs anyway. See you around the 10th! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

More on The War of Six Crowns: The Title

I've been thinking that this blog should have a bit more of a purpose, or else there's not really much of a point for it to exist. 

Since this is the War of Six Crowns blog, linked to the War of Six Crowns website, I thought I should maybe keep things relevant. 

So yes, I'll still be talking about me writing the series (and maybe some other stories), but I'm not really one for talking about me all the time. I thought writing about the story itself might be interesting, as long as I don't put spoilers out there, right? 


So today, I thought I'd handle first things first and explain where the title came from. Well basically, it started back when I was still thinking of writing the story. In fact, I still thought I'd write the whole thing in a single book. 

I'd wanted to do things differently from what I'd been reading and thought I'd do a story about more than one hero in more than one country. Each country would have different cultures, power structures etc. and they'd all have some sort of conflict with each other. 

One of the countries would, for some reason, threaten all the others and they'd either stand together and fight or the one country would win and destroy the rest. 

As I wrote, I realized that the aggressor country would be Icaimerith. It used to be one huge nation rivaled only by the elves, but after one wise king, a succession of foolish ones lost bits on bits of the country in a variety of ways. (More on that later.) The last three kings have been looking to expand the realm to more than its former glory, no matter what the cost. 

The countries being immediately threatened are: 

Alfen Cairn: Land of the elves. In fact, the oldest realm in Tardith. They were the first line of defense able to stop the original Merithian expansion. But after decades (heck, centuries) of complacency, Alfen Cairn is now at the greatest risk. 

Ladrien: The country most recently split off from Icaimerith. Ruled by three kings, whose families used to be Merithian nobility. They'd split off in a rebellion, being the only area able to hold Icaimerith back for long enough for its king to "give up" and have been existing on a dagger point ever since. 

Then, there's Nordaine. It's not really being threatened. In fact, none of the others know it even exists, let alone where it is. But it's powerful, efficient and a huge power player outside of Tardith. It's the only country that could counter balance Icaimerith's strength. Problem is that it won't. All of the other countries leave people to die in Nordaine's wastes, which means that the majority of the population would feed the other five kings to wolves before actually helping them. 

But as the title suggests, Nordaine will be dragged into the conflict (willingly or not). I won't tell you how that happens, though. To find out, you need to read the books. *evil laugh* 

Any questions on the book or the series? Feel free to ask in the comments. I might not answer if there's a spoiler directly involved, but if not, I'll definitely get around to answering. Also, feel free to ask anything else. If you keep it clean, I'll answer that too.