Monday, June 16, 2014

Song from Wo6C3

I've been wondering about which song I would post here next and then today I heard this song at my friend Robin's blog.

It reminds me of the third book, which I'm incidentally working on at the moment. Yep. No long delays before publishing for me. I'm hoping to have book three and something related to the series published next year.

Anyway... the song. It's one of those I can't really say much about, since it does have a deep meaning to the story in book three. Still, you'll note it's pretty sad.

And that's for a reason too...

Friday, June 6, 2014

A song for Callan (Plus a series update)

Right now, I'm shaking with excitement. Trembling with anticipation. Squeeing.

Yes, I squee. Much more regularly than one would think.

But tonight, I thought I should share, because the source of my giddiness is The War of Six Crowns. 

I mentioned before that I've been working on The Heir's Choice, which is book two in the series. I also mentioned that editing this book is a pain in the ass, since I wasn't completely sure what to do to make the book stand on its own the way it's supposed to.

However a few days ago I decided to be brave and make a huge change, even though I didn't know how it would affect the end.

It will be affecting the end. Drastically so. But the good news is that the result is so epic that I'm literally itching to start rewrites on book 3.

More than that, I'm not going to say. (Because hey, I still want you to read the books.)

But because most of the epic-ness is centering around Callan, I thought I'd share a song that captures her character for me. And... well, because it's an awesome song.

Hope you enjoy!