Monday, October 28, 2013

Why I Need Your Help, but Won't Demand It.

Thanks so much to the people who nominated me to some Goodreads lists. You picked some ones that really made me blush with pride.

The first two lists are sort of obvious, since they're my publisher's: The Vanished Knight is 11th on Fantasy and Paranormal Fiction from Etopia Press. It's 8th on YA Books from Etopia Press.

Awesomely, though, someone AMAZING (and yes, I checked who you are) went and put The Vanished Knight on the Best Books of 2013 and Best Books of October 2013 lists. It's 1791st and 60th respectively.

I must say that this was a pleasant surprise and really it's icing on top of me publishing The Vanished Knight. 

What to do with this, though, I don't know. You see... I'm really trying to not pressure people into voting for me and writing excellent reviews. To me, it's about having people read and enjoy my book. If they don't, that's okay too.

Call me an idealist, but I want my reviews to be honest. I want people to vote for my book on the lists because they really enjoyed reading it. Maybe that's foolish of me to say.

It's just that I want to make an honest connection with my readers. I want to know who enjoyed the story and who didn't. And why. With social networking and technology as it is, I think we do have space as writers to form deeper bonds with our reader.

But we can't do that if we expect readers to fawn and squee about the stuff I've written.

So yeah, I'm leaving this one up to you. If you read my book, think it's awesome and deserves some exposure, please please please DO leave a review, or DO vote for The Vanished Knight on the lists. ESPECIALLY please tell your friends about the story. As many people as possible.

I'm counting on you. *grins* It's so funny saying this when I know a very few of you are reading this post. But it's true. I've written the best book I can. I'm blog touring the heck out of it. But the point is, my reach, while going farther than most bloggers and writers, can only go so far.

The rest is you spreading the word if you care enough for the story to want it read. And for that, I have to trust you, mystery Wo6C fan, even if I'm not even sure if you exist yet.

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